PreK Conservation

W.E.E. Conservation is a versatile program that can easily be done as a family or in a preschool classroom environment. Our book walks you through ten conservation topics offering pre-planned lessons, conservation starter questions, hands-on activities, alternative supply options, extension activities, etc..

You can get your free copy of the W.E.E. Conservation book (here).

Primary Level Conservation Classes

For 2020-2021, Suzy's Nature Studies offers free virtual conservation classes every Wednesday at 11am via Zoom. These virtual classes are adapted versions of Ms Kate's W.E.E. Conservation lessons, designed to delve deeper into conservation subjects for older students in elementary grades.

Wednesdays virtual conservation classes are taught by Ms Kate, a certified conservation steward and environmental educator who has been teaching nature study courses in and around the Lansing area for 7 years.

More information about our virtual conservation classes (and other virtual class options) can be found on our Virtual Classes and Events page (here).

Secondary Level Conservation Classes

We regret to inform that we do not currently have an option for secondary level conservation classes.

Anyone interested in helping design a secondary level conservation course is welcome to discuss their ideas with our resident middle school - high school teacher, Mr Peter. 

Due to the urging of healthcare officials worldwide,

all Suzy's Nature Studies in person classes and events for 2020

have been put on hold indefinitely.


This includes all in person:

Walkabout Nature Excursion hikes,

Little Leafers classes in the woods,

W.E.E. Conservation classes,

scheduled classes and events at various preschools,

scheduled classes at Foster Community Center,

scheduled events with various scouting groups,

scheduled animal visits to homeless shelters,

and River Trail Clean-Up events. 

We are currently considering our options

for how best we can serve the community at this time.

Please be on the look-out for possible online classes,

possible organized nature clean up events (non communal),

and possible nature study activity delivery services.

We thank you for your patience while we all adjust

to these changes.