We here at Suzy's Nature Studies feel that encouraging and fostering knowledge, appreciation, and respect for the natural world is more important right now than ever before. To that end, we have decided to transition to an online program for the foreseeable future.

     The program will run at 11:00am Monday-Saturday, with classes meeting via Zoom.
Scroll down to see a basic weekly schedule of classes, or check out our calendar for more detailed class descriptions.

     Parents of students interested in participating in our online program are encouraged to join our Facebook group, Virtual Students of Suzy's Nature Studies.



     Our virtual program will be run on a "pay what you can" model. We're aware that the events of the past year have hit some of our neighbors harder than others, and we want to make sure that nobody has to miss out on the fun and learning.

     For those who are able to, we suggest a monthly donation of $20. If this would present a hardship for your family, then please do not think twice about paying less or even logging in without paying anything at all. No questions will be asked. We will welcome excited learners the same way.

     For that same token, if you feel that your child(ren) have gotten more than $20 worth of enjoyment, community, and education from our program, and if you are able to, then we would be grateful and appreciative for whatever else you may wish to chip in.

     All proceeds will be put directly into bettering our program. Your donations will go toward:

  • Collecting various classroom resources, such as tools, books, art supplies, etc. for students

  • Bettering the lives of our class pets with new enrichment opportunities and fantastic care

  • Educating our teachers through various certification courses and continued environmental education programs.


     Families are encouraged to log in to classes as often or as little as is convenient for them. There is no pressure to log in for a subject or activity that does not interest the student; there is no pressure to log in when your family has other plans or just needs a day off. There's no pressure at all! This virtual program is merely a supplemental outlet for connection with our community as well as connection with nature. 

     We still encourage families to hike, participate in citizen science projects, and get outside anyway they can, as often as they can! There's no better way to experience nature than getting right out there into it.


     Join us 11am EST Monday through Friday each week for the following scheduled activities:

     Mondays -  Preschool Story Time. Nature-focused story time followed by hands-on activities. Recommended age range: 3-5 years

     Tuesdays -  Primary Level Unit Study. Stories, hands-on activities, class discussions, and the construction of a lapbook all centered around a monthly theme. Recommended age range: 6-12 years

     Wednesdays - Primary Level Conservation Education. These virtual classes are adapted versions of Ms Kate's W.E.E. Conservation lessons, designed to delve deeper into conservation subjects for older students in elementary grades. Lessons will include live demonstrations, group discussion, and suggestions for hands-on activities you can do at home. Recommended age range: 6-12 years

     Thursdays - Primary Level Fairy Garden Crafting. Each week, we'll build one new feature for an indoor fairy garden, focusing primarily on craft materials that are recyclables or found in nature. Students may want to consider getting a basket, flower pot, or shoe box sized container to use as their fairy garden. Recommended age range: 6-12 years

     Fridays - Ms Kate's office hours. Want to catch up with your favorite class pet? Have a nature study question to ask Ms Kate? Office hours are a free-form opportunity to log in and catch up on whatever students would like. If at all possible, give Ms Kate a heads up the night before or the morning of so she can make sure have the class pet you're requesting handy, or so she can be prepared to give you the fullest/most accurate answer to your question.

2nd Friday of the month - Dino Day!

4th Friday of the month - Show and Tell!

     Saturdays - Secondary Level Creative Writing. Weekly guided practice in nature focused creative and descriptive short form writing, lead by a former high school English teacher turned nature enthusiast. Required age range: 12 years +


     For the sake of those who have to miss a class and for Ms Kate's own personal review and development, all classes will be recorded. Please let Ms Kate know when you log into the class if you do NOT consent to having the class recorded. Ms Kate will announce before recording starts as a reminder.